When you connect to the internet, you create an electronic footprint that can be tracked and monitored by any number of different entities, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and government agencies. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent this invasion of privacy and preserve your anonymity online. One such measure is using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Here are the Best VPN For Android 2022.

Best Free VPN Apps in 2022

People in world intend to use VPN to access some of the international platforms, due to the country was not listed or been banned by the platforms, using VPN makes it easier for them, just like when Twitter was banned in world, a lot of us were able to get access using VPN, see the best VPN apps in world.

The List VPN apps below offer both free and paid services and can be used both on mobile phones and personal computers. also, see the 10 Best phone apps for android – What You Really Need.


This is one of the strongest VPN you can get, as their no log policy is very strong, you won’t get your details leaked but however you need to paid to get access to NordVPN, currently I will say you should try out this, it what we are currently using now. you can also check out Where are passwords stored on android phone.


A free, no-logs VPN service, Betternet lets you stream media from around 25 different countries and access sites that would otherwise be censored. It can run on any device with a browser (even without being installed), and there are clients for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. This is ideal if your internet connectivity is poor at home or work; Betternet will connect you to a fast server for your particular needs.


The one-month free trial of Windscribe gives you unlimited data with minimal bandwidth restrictions. The bandwidth is based on your plan and caps out at 10GB for premium accounts and 3GB for free users. This means if you have a 4G phone, Windscribe offers full access to its servers. If you have a slow connection or are limited to WiFi connections, Windscribe is a good option because it doesn’t slow down your connection.


Although ProtonVPN is a free app, it does require you to pay for service if you want more than three simultaneous connections. However, one of its best features is that it also allows you to connect without an account, so if you just need a quick and temporary secure connection, such as for making an online payment on a website that may have been compromised by hackers or malware, then using ProtonVPN will help keep your information safe while still being able to browse freely with no worries.


The VyprVPN is a great app for accessing blocked sites in your country. It has servers in over 70 countries and allows users to unblock any site that’s blocked. In addition, it supports all devices including routers and set-top boxes. VyprVPN does not keep logs so you can rest assured you are protected by advanced military-grade security with no logs. VyprVPN only costs $5/month, with annual plans coming down to $3/month.


The IPVanish app for iOS is a fully-featured VPN client that comes with 256-bit encryption and DNS leak protection. This zero-logging service is excellent for online privacy as it allows you to access sites from around 200 different countries, including Netflix and Hulu. This app also offers an automatic kill switch that shuts down your device’s internet connection if your VPN disconnects, a valuable feature when using public Wi-Fi networks. Read our full review of IPVanish here.


There are a number of VPNs available on Google Play store, but not all of them are best. In fact, a lot is riding on your choice for you to be safe. The best free vpn app must provide you anonymity as well as security to your information as you surf. There have been cases whereby most free vpn tend to sell users’ data and usage statistics to third parties. Image by Stefan Coders from Pixabay

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