Free Computer Games 2022

When it comes to Computer Games, it’s easy to spend money on expensive games, or play the same game over and over again because you don’t have time to learn new ones. This article will list top 5 free computer games you can have. The good news is that there are some amazing free games out there that are just as enjoyable as their paid counterparts—in fact, some may even be better! Here are the top 5 free computer games that you’ll want to download and install on your computer today!

1) Solitaire

Of all computer games out there, Solitaire remains a timeless classic. It’s easy to pick up and enjoy, but can also be surprisingly challenging once you get beyond your basic winning strategies. If you have five minutes of free time in between appointments or just want to pass a few minutes during lunch break, Solitaire will fit right into your schedule and offer entertainment while helping hone your mental skills and give you an advantage when it comes to problem-solving.

2) Chess

Today, chess is recognized as a sport by hundreds of universities and high schools, with tens of thousands of kids playing in organized competitions. A chess board is set up like a standard 8×8 checkerboard. Chess pieces are often made out of wood or plastic. The pawns are at the bottom left; followed by knights; then bishops; rooks (castles); and lastly, queens.

3) Checkers

Everyone loves a good game of checkers. Checkers is one of those games that you can start playing at any age, and it doesn’t have to be a computer-only game! All you need is a little creativity and imagination! Instead of using a board, draw out your own board with stones or pebbles (even doodles will work!). To add an extra challenge and change up your routine, make squares bigger or smaller than each other – try new shapes too!

4) Word games

The top free computer games that are fun and highly addictive include a word game, a puzzle game, a strategy game, an action-adventure game and an arcade style game. These are some of the most addicting games for both adults and kids.

5) Word searches

Are you on a computer that’s hooked up to the Internet? If so, you can play word searches. Every time you find a word, it removes one letter from your game board. If you complete a row of letters, they disappear and your entire game board clears.


Here’s my top five! But there are certainly many more computer games out there. What are your favorite games that you would like other people to try? Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section below! I look forward to playing them with you. With all these great new computer games out there, we should definitely be having a lot of fun together! Computer games don’t have an expiration date, so enjoy them for years and years into the future.  

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